If you’re looking for “some speaker” to generally talk about how wonderful diversity is while you choke down your catered chicken entree, Doug Harris is not the speaker for you. Doug Harris, CEO of The Kaleidoscope Group, uses the trademark “dynamic blend of passion, humor, and perspective” that has defined his over 25 years of leading organizational transformation and personal development to do much more than merely highlight the lessons we can distill from yesterday’s events. He demonstrates how each of us can leverage common traits and experiences “to be the change we seek,” to empower ourselves, our communities, and ultimately, the world, creating a more powerful tomorrow. Doug transforms his speaking engagements into conversations where the audience in challenged to explore individual improvement and growth. “If you engage in self-development, you’ll be surprised how much better other people become” has never been more apparent than when you exit a Doug Harris talk. If you want an experience that will be more than moving and inspiring, Doug Harris IS the speaker for you! Informative, Inspiration and Actionable.

“Doug’s skill in laying out the facts with a genuine spirit and desire to engage all in the room quickly helped me understand that his unique approach is what sets him apart.”

Tony Perez,
Senior Vice President
Colliers International


“Doug’s mission is not just about impacting the bottom line of business, but leaving the world a better place by realizing the work is touching human beings and not just individuals.”

Tonia M. Woodbury
VP, National Partnerships and Diversity Talent Pipeline Programs
Diversity Talent Acquisition and Strategy Development
Wells Fargo